A few years ago, I unearthed a travel journal from a month-long trip to Europe that I took in 2006. As I reviewed its pages, I was struck by just how many details of the trip I had completely forgotten. And if the memories of a once-in-a lifetime trip that was so impactful to me could fade away – how much of my day-to-day life is lost? Sensations, emotions, achievements, losses, experiences from the mundane to the exceptional, all transforming from that specific moment in time to become that day, that week, that year, that life…

As I get older and gain a better understanding of how fragile, how brief, and how precious life really is, it's become even more important to me to me experience it to its fullest and to try to retain all of those little moments that might otherwise get lost. It's with this idea that I started the process of recording these moments – a travel journal, of sorts.

A travel journal for life.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Well, here it is – officially WELL into fall… I’m even starting to hear rumors of snow (though I refuse to believe them).  I figure it’s about time for me to do a summer round-up post, since I didn’t post AT ALL - ALL SUMMER!

This summer and early fall were crazy-busy and full of set-backs and losses.  It seems we've been plagued by worry and sorrow in our house for quite a while.  And while worry and sorrow do truly suck, and I could probably do o.k. without them entirely, they do serve a very valuable purpose in life.  They remind us to not take what we have for granted, to love the people we have fiercely while we have them, and to treasure the good things and the happy times.

And this post is about just that – the good and the happy:

I got a veggie spiraler.
I spent several days eating nothing but spiraled veggies.  I also took pictures of said spiraled veggies and the entire process made me embarrassingly happy.

I went to California on a work trip.  I had one extra day to venture out and about.  I went to the beach, I went shopping, I had the MOST AMAZING guacamole ever (L) and I saw a mobile parrot station.  Not sure what a mobile parrot station is?  Take a gander (R).

When I was shopping in Cali, I bought some makeup at the Mac store which I applied and liked so much that I promptly took this picture of myself in flattering lighting and at a good angle and I think I shall use it as my profile picture for everything forever.

I saw some really pretty things this summer.
I saw a pretty giant glass sunflower at Phipps. (L)
I saw a pretty (Fake!  It's a sculpture!) cherry blossom tree downtown. (R)
 I saw a pretty penny-tiled floor during a gallery opening (doesn't say much for the show that I took pictures of the floor and not the art). (L)
And I saw a really pretty puppy who stole my heart so much I almost adopted her. (R)  But poor pretty puppy had so many issues - she was rescued from an animal hoarder - she needed extra-special help. (The happy part is that she's adorable and she found the help she needs!)

Robb came to town to help with a super-secret celebrity wedding.  He stayed at our house while he was working and he was cute.
And we drank pitchers of mimosas.
 Speaking of cute...
Guess who else was consistently adorable??
Except when she was busy being a soul-stealing ginger-cat.
I went on my first-ever group motorcycle ride.  There were over 100 bikers and it was such a gorgeous day! Add to  that - it was for a good cause (Fisher House) and I think we might have found one of my favorite days of the summer!

There was the day the giant rubber ducky came to town.
 And they closed down a bridge and the city had a huge party to welcome a giant rubber duck.  That was a good day too.

And then...
I went to see Muse.
With these gorgeous people.

I got to see the most-amazing Fiber Arts show.  These were two of my favorite pieces.  The one on the right still just pierces my soul when I look at the picture and remember seeing it in person.
I got to see a bridge be knit.

I felt the love and support of so many true and dear friends.

These two nuggets stole my heart again and again.

And I learned that the words on this fortune were oh-so very true.

Even with the worry and the sorrow...  There's so very, very much to be thankful for.

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