A few years ago, I unearthed a travel journal from a month-long trip to Europe that I took in 2006. As I reviewed its pages, I was struck by just how many details of the trip I had completely forgotten. And if the memories of a once-in-a lifetime trip that was so impactful to me could fade away – how much of my day-to-day life is lost? Sensations, emotions, achievements, losses, experiences from the mundane to the exceptional, all transforming from that specific moment in time to become that day, that week, that year, that life…

As I get older and gain a better understanding of how fragile, how brief, and how precious life really is, it's become even more important to me to me experience it to its fullest and to try to retain all of those little moments that might otherwise get lost. It's with this idea that I started the process of recording these moments – a travel journal, of sorts.

A travel journal for life.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


At work, our fiscal year ends in September.   The weeks leading up to the fiscal year-end are crazy and stress-inducing so our recreation committee arranges an annual Fiscal New Year party to help everyone wind down.  It's great as work unwinders go...  There's beer.  And cake.

From the looks of the cake we got this year, the decorator wasn't familiar with the concept of a FISCAL year....

Cake Fail

 Before you ask, yes...  This has been submitted to Cake Wrecks.  If you aren't familiar with Cake Wrecks, you should check it out, it's funny.  And keep your eye out for our Physical New Year cake to make an appearance!

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