A few years ago, I unearthed a travel journal from a month-long trip to Europe that I took in 2006. As I reviewed its pages, I was struck by just how many details of the trip I had completely forgotten. And if the memories of a once-in-a lifetime trip that was so impactful to me could fade away – how much of my day-to-day life is lost? Sensations, emotions, achievements, losses, experiences from the mundane to the exceptional, all transforming from that specific moment in time to become that day, that week, that year, that life…

As I get older and gain a better understanding of how fragile, how brief, and how precious life really is, it's become even more important to me to me experience it to its fullest and to try to retain all of those little moments that might otherwise get lost. It's with this idea that I started the process of recording these moments – a travel journal, of sorts.

A travel journal for life.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Sometime before Christmas last year, Mike and I were introduced to the “iComfort sleep system”  It’s a beautiful memory foam mattress on an adjustable bed frame with a massage function.  It was at the end of a long day of Christmas shopping that we found this miraculous invention.  We were popping in for a last-minute gift when we passed by and I happened to flop down on it out of sheer exhaustion.
 I flopped… and paused… and felt… and decided to lie down. I quickly began to understand the magic that was the iComfort memory foam mattress.  “Mike, you HAVE to feel this – come lie down”.  He begrudgingly put down the packages and joined me on the mattress.
 “ooh” he said, immediately. 
Then he noticed the remote control that was situated between us, grabbed it and hit the “zero G” button which, to our surprise, elevated our heads and our knees to a perfect position so that we felt completely weightless. 
“Oooh” we said in unison.
THEN, he hit the massage function button and “AHHHHHHH”… our eyes met and we both knew  it was over – we were sold – this was going to be our bed.  Except, then we saw the price tag. 
We rationalized - we could take back all of the gifts we just bought for our families and each other and put a down payment on this bed, they would understand. Or, we could act like adults and walk away until another day when we could afford it.  Dejected, we chose to act like adults.
Six months passed and the dreams of the memory foam, adjustable, massage-y comfort has never been far from our minds. So when the annual Memorial Day mattress sale campaigns began this year, I was hopeful that we would be able to find a great sale and the iComfort would finally find its forever-home with us.  And indeed, it did.  $800 dollars off along with two free iComfort pillows (valued at $85) and free delivery!! 

Naturally, I had to redecorate to compliment the new bed.

 For an entire week we anticipated its delivery – and today, it has arrived. 
It is amazingly comfortable and everything we dreamed of.  So much so, I wasn’t sure I would ever want to leave the house again. In fact, Mike had to insist that I get out of it long enough to go on our dinner-movie date that we had scheduled for the evening. And it’s taken me an inordinate amount of time to write this post because I keep nodding off to sleep. 

It’s fantastic. Really, it’s memory foamtastic!

Pink memory foam.

Update: When Mike forced me to leave the bed and go out into the real world for food and entertainment, I stopped into an athletic shoe store that was having a “blowout” sale and what did I find?  Super-cute memory foam flip-flops!  I mean, come on, who thought this up, why did they not think it up sooner, and why is the foot-bed of every shoe I own not encased in memory foam??  What a great idea. 
Will the memory foamtastic-ness of this day ever stop?

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