A few years ago, I unearthed a travel journal from a month-long trip to Europe that I took in 2006. As I reviewed its pages, I was struck by just how many details of the trip I had completely forgotten. And if the memories of a once-in-a lifetime trip that was so impactful to me could fade away – how much of my day-to-day life is lost? Sensations, emotions, achievements, losses, experiences from the mundane to the exceptional, all transforming from that specific moment in time to become that day, that week, that year, that life…

As I get older and gain a better understanding of how fragile, how brief, and how precious life really is, it's become even more important to me to me experience it to its fullest and to try to retain all of those little moments that might otherwise get lost. It's with this idea that I started the process of recording these moments – a travel journal, of sorts.

A travel journal for life.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Let's do this.

 "This track is not safe, these karts are not safe, you nor I are safe, the possibility of injury is likely and if you get hurt, it's your fault, not ours. Sign here if you understand, get a helmet and pick a kart." 

The competition.
For some reason, this all sounded reasonable to our little group, so we dutifully signed and happily jumped in our death karts for an hour of gas fume permeated, whip-lashed, bruised knee, sprained wrist, stubbed toe, racing fun.

Thankfully, the death-kart track saw no death today, but I did draw blood - and I chipped a nail.

Death-kart crazy eye!
The injury.


Death-karts FTW!


  1. lol that is DEFINITLY crazy eye! and you know I can spot me some!

    1. Yeah, if ever a situation called for crazy-eye, that was it!

  2. Wow, man you did it! I'm so agog to try it once too. Ussualy i go karting with my 7 years old son, and i'm not sure know if this kind of karting fit his age..